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What to expect during your MRI exam

Our technician will ask you lie down on a cushioned table and find a comfortable position. The table slides into the magnet area to prepare for the scan. The technician will move to an adjoining room, but can see you and talk with you at all times. You will hear a knocking sound that ranges from very quiet to fairly loud as the scans are being made. If you wish, you can have a companion stay in the scanning room with you throughout the scan. In fact, whenever possible, parents are encouraged to be in the room with their children during the scan. (Other children will need to remain in the waiting area. Accommodations for young children are not available, so please make arrangements for child care.) Immediately after the exam, you may return to work or home and resume normal activities.

The scan takes about 30 to 75 minutes depending on the type of information your doctor needs. To achieve the clearest possible image, it is important to be as relaxed and still as possible.

The MRI exam is safe and painless. The scanner does not touch you and you will not feel anything. There are, however, precautions we must take for those who have pacemakers, metallic structures or devices in the body, have diabetes or kidney problems, are breastfeeding, or are pregnant or might be pregnant. See Precautions/Medical History for more details.